When it comes to choosing the right fabrics your wardrobe should have, a lot of women overlook comfort for aesthetics and choose the wrong ones which obviously don’t function well and moreover have a very short lifetime! The best way to make sure you are going for the right one is to choose natural fabrics over synthetic. Natural fabrics have a ton of benefits and instantly make you look more elegant and classier. In this article, we will discuss five fabrics that every man or woman should definitely own.


The king of fibers! It is not called so just for the sake of it! Whether a newborn, school- going, college student, a working woman, or
a retired senior citizen, every single person regardless of age and gender needs this in their wardrobe. And it is only fair because whatever be the season, it’s comfort, flexibility and affordability outsmart every
other fabric. So women, whether you are shopping for tops, bottoms or dresses, cotton and cotton blends are your best


If only there was an award for the most underappreciated fabric! Especially in a woman’s wardrobe. Trust me, linen serves far more than just upholstery fabric. Although being the oldest, linen is still expensive, because of the process and labor involved. If you are somebody who loves effortless elegance, a crisp linen shirt or well-tailored blazer and linen trousers is everything you are looking for.


Yet another natural fibre with the most beneficial properties! 100% Biodegradable, naturally elastic, odour resistant, fire resistant and what not! Its wrinkle resistance adds to the advantage for people who stay
away from ironing. As the best pick for winters, cashmere sweaters, cardigans and all forms of outerwear are best made in wool. You can’t unsee its advantages, even if you want to!


How can we miss out on the Queen of fibers? Silk is one of those rare textiles that give you both comfort
and effortless luxury! It is breathable unlike its satin counterparts, retains moisture, and is extremely soft on your skin and these properties also make it the best option for sleepwear. A pretty silk blouse is essential in a woman’s wardrobe as it gives the much-needed femininity and a lady-like vibe!


Humans have used leather for as long as they have existed. But lately, leather clothing (or faux leather/vegan leather) has gained the biggest hype.
The biker style jackets and gloves were long time popular, but this autumn-winter make it all about the
on-trend leather pants or skirts and the always-sexy leather boots! They will definitely prove to be a great
addition to your winter wardrobe.

These fabrics and their combinations are just enough for any woman to create a mix of classy-trendy styles in her everyday life. Are there any other fabrics you feel are essential for a woman to own? Leave
your views in the comment section below ❤️

Much love

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