Although linen is popularly known as the “summer fabric” there are infinite reasons you can use it all year long! Just a few tweaks and adjustments can take your seasonal picks to favourite ones round the year. The fabric’s natural breathability and super absorbency makes it perfect for warm weathers but of all the summer fabrics, linen’s temperature regulating qualities make it winter-appropriate!

Who doesn’t love wearing natural fabrics? Moreover, when it comes with the added advantage of year-long usability. Linen has a very rich texture and is less bulky making it perfect for layering in winters. That cute linen shirt you invested in just needs a thermal or turtleneck layered on the inside and you are equipped to withstand the cold

Have you invested in comfy and cute linen clothing that you totally loved wearing in summers and now wonder if it will just lie in a corner until next one? Let’s look at a few reasons why you should totally consider linen for winters, in fact, all year round!


One of the most versatile fabrics you will ever get your hands on is and will always be Linen! Whether you want dress up for a formal event or curl up in your bed, this fabric has the ability to compliment every style.


Linens come in soothing earthy tones and its effortless class add so much to winter layering. Linen clothing is best for mixing and matching different textures.  You can create some super trendy looks while pairing it with cotton, raw silk, wool, cashmere and even leather


The Best of all it’s qualities! By far, cultivation of flax plant is more sustainable than even cotton. Environment friendly, recyclable and bio-degradable! We’re just never going to be guilty of piling up textile waste on the planet (Phew!)

A lot of people suffering from various skin allergies also find this fabric to be the best choice. It’s soft on the skin and does not agitate the condition. Also, Linen clothing is usually made to have a relaxed fit and thus is suitable for all ages, occasions and occupations!

Look up your wardrobe today and see if you have enough linen wear to keep you going throughout the year. Coz if not, you’re just missing out on the most essential wardrobe pieces

Also, tell us which one of our linen pieces is your favourite?


Much Love

Jennifer xoxo

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