Working from Home- Embracing the New Normal

Work from home has become the new normal now. And what better way to embrace the new normal with formal shirts over loungewear. Here are a few ways you can pair your workwear with something comfortable. This way you can attend your video call meetings, as well as be relaxed and comfortable while you work. So check out some of the cutest women’s formal shirts, along with comfy loungewear for women in this article.

Button-down Shirt & Trousers

You can relax in a pair of loungewear for women, with a strappy crop top. Layer it with a button-down formal shirt during your work and meetings. And when you are done you can take off the layer. The shirt is breezy and comfortable and gives a semi-formal vibe. You can layer the look with a fanny pack or waist bag with essentials. The trousers are a comfortable fit and work
great with almost any outfit.

Shorts with Printed Shirt

Shorts are every girl’s favourite when it comes to loungewear for women. What if you can combine it with your formal shirts? That’s right, as we embrace the new normal; it’s safe to wear your shorts along with your workwear. You may be video calling your colleagues, but you can always dress comfortably at the comfort of your own home. You can wear a formal shirt on top and pair it with loungewear.

Shirt with Palazzo Pants:

You can pair your palazzo with a formal shirt, you can tuck it in to make it seem like it’s a cropped shirt. You can style this look with your glasses and it will perfectly work out together as it makes the most stylish nerdy look. You can tie up your hair or leave it down and messy for a

more comfortable and relaxed look. If you plan to step out for chores you can add a cute clutch to the look. These are a few classy looks that you can create with combining women’s formal shirts, along with comfy loungewear. Not only is it great for work and work calls, but it also keeps you comfortable. And even if you have to step out for chores you don’t have to change. So embrace the new normal, and take your formal wear up a notch and style it with trendy loungewear that is comfy and cute.

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