How to choose your polka

There is never a wrong time for a Polka Dot

~ Marc Jacobs~

A timeless trend and one of those rare print patterns that have never gone out of style. Right from when Miss America, Norma Smallwood  was spotted wearing a polka dot bikini in the 1920s, this pattern has constantly rocked the runway trend and was rediscovered every single season only to turn out more astounding and fashionable.

Just like any fashion brand would never miss out on this perennial print pattern, we’ve got an equally trendy and stunning collection of polkas awaiting your wardrobe along with a guide to how you can choose a perfect one that flatters your personality and body type.


Larger the size of the polka, more regal and retro the look. Also, the retro polka dots are typically high in contrast like the black and white polka top and white and red polka top shown above. The tops in image 1 and 2 have a ruched texture adding detail to a flat print. With an open tie-up back, and appropriate size of polka dots, these are a perfect pick for you if you are a plus size figure. Pick a more blended color pattern rather than a high contrast one, if you’re towards the dusky skin tone. Pair these tops with a cinchier and more slimming bottom for a perfect balance.


Micro size polka dots are a go-to for minimalists to start their pattern game. You can never go too bold with this size no matter how high the base and polka contrast.  Moreover, miniature polkas are perfect for petite figures. The oversized fit of Pink Polka top and Shirt (1&3) and feminine ruffles in the Polka Crop Top (2), will work to the advantage of adding volume to your lean frame. To top it off, you can get countless striking looks with these tops, as they pair well with almost anything lying in your wardrobe from a rugged denim to your favourite flared skirt.


An all subtle look with a blended color palette is always a safe bet if you’re not much of an experimentalist. This works well for all sizes and skin tones. Although we would suggest you to add some color pop with either bold accessories or a popping lip color if you are planning to go for a date brunch, or infuse some drama in a rather boring outfit by going for a soft ruffled detail like in the Red and White polka dress (3) or going for some extra flare in the outfit.

It all comes down to one thing, intuition! Despite a long list of do’s and don’ts, always go with what you feel will flatter your figure, this will leave you with no regrets! Hope this article turned out useful for you, don’t hesitate to pen down whatever you feel like asking, in the comments here or just leave a review 😊

Much Love

Jennifer xo

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