Therapeutic Textiles

Therapy with textiles?  Wondering how it is even possible?
Think it through –
  •   Clothes are an integral part of our lives. We wear clothes as per our liking and are expressive of our mood, our personality, and our state of mind, and it also helps us build our persona and has a direct impact on our confidence.
  • Clothes are the only thing to stay in contact with our skin for the longest day.
  • We experience a type of pleasant sensation upon wearing new clothes or cool-colored clothing.


Research says, some of the fabrics we wear usually play an important role in relieving stress, rejuvenating, curing skin diseases and also help us sleep better. Linen and Cotton specifically are known for their healing properties

Introducing textile crafting according to many medical and scientific studies resulted in taking away negative feelings, leading to social satisfaction, identity, distraction, coping with poor physical health, and producing joy among themselves.

Machine or hand sewing requires a certain level of skill and perfection. Whereas, the process of hand embroidery can be practiced to soothe your mind like a form of therapy.

With “Mindfulness” being a much-desired quality for many people, it’s not surprising that many have looked towards craftwork as a therapy to help balance the stress that comes with the daily hustle. In many cases, craftwork is also known to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and even dementia.

Why do the clothes we wear affect us?

The comfort level we feel in what we wear, directly impacts how we turn up every day in all the different areas of our life. Light, breezy, breathable fabrics allow us to stay cool-headed, and handle any challenge that our day throws up – whether it is in our professional or personal lives. Besides this, the clothes we wear can also have a therapeutic effect on us in the following ways:

  • Extension of our own personal identity
  • Fights anxiety and stress
  • The colours we pick for our daily outfits can directly impact our levels of calm and our state of mind on that particular day
  • Stops Mental Deterioration
  • Improvement of Self-Esteem

Why Linen Is Therapeutic?

  • Linen has been used because of its quality to remain clean and to protect against illness.
  • Linen comes from a cellulose-based fiber the flax plant, that is hypoallergenic and moisture-resistant.
  • Linen has a smooth texture which leaves a calming and soothing effect on the skin


Why Cotton Garments are Therapeutic?

Imagine wearing a garment that protects you from heat, keeps you relaxed and at the same time helps cure certain ailments, the possibilities are endless. Cotton lets skin breathe and reduce the risk of skin rashes. A few of the main reasons that cotton is widely preferred are –

  • It is Skin friendly
  • Helps with Better sleep
  • It helps in repelling dust, pollen, and other common allergies


Knitting has been shown to promote wellness by reducing stress and creating strong social bonds. The repetitive and rhythmic movements of knitting are often equated with meditation. It is also an activity that many couples choose to engage in together. Besides the time spent in each other’s company knitting, it can also be a very heartwarming gesture to personally make an item of clothing for your partner – whether it be a sweater, a muffler, a shawl, a pair of socks, or gloves. Likewise, many parents take pride in knitting winter clothes and booties for their infants and young children.


Textile crafting is an activity that allows you to create your own projects and capture the ideas you’ve always wanted to turn into reality. This allows one to add a personal touch, be it to your garments or home décor, which gives not only an increased feeling of originality but also allows you to carve your own personal space out which is integral to one’s sense of well-being.

Textile handcrafting comes with therapeutic benefits allowing us to channel their inner spirit and boost their energy as a means of therapy that gives them a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

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