Basics, basics and basics! The only pieces in your closet that you keep going back to, again and again yet are never bored of! While wardrobe essentials are pieces that never go out of style, they are also the ones that best go with your personality, lifestyle and comfort, because they are the only ones you turn to when in absolute need of something quick and effortless

I have listed down the very common essentials that every woman should have, which goes with every size and body type. Let’s dive right in!


These basic racer back knit tops can take you right from your couch to a casual get together with a simple jacket or a shrug layered over it! Usually having at least two of these in different color options can be your last minute style saviors, moreover they are just so comfortable!


Shirts again are an essential for every woman’s wardrobe. Be it semi-formal or formal shirts, a crisp, well fitted and maintained piece can last a lifetime! So it is really important to invest in such essentials, having at least two or three different designs can help you style effortlessly for different occasions.


The most versatile piece in a woman’s closet that can beat any other fancy one is a basic t-shirt. A simple short sleeve solid tee that fits you well and compliments your body can be your go-to for most of the casual occasions if styled appropriately. Whether it’s a cool tom boy denim or a formal trouser or that cute mini skirt, your basic tee can save you the stress of not finding a perfect pair to them!


While basic pieces well fit for versatile styling, having a piece or two not-so-basic tops like the Aztec printed tees and ditzy floral printed top seen above, that instantly spruce up the look with minimal add-ons are also essential for when you feel like grooving up a bit more!


The very popular Little Black Dress is considered an absolute essential in every woman’s wardrobe and nonetheless never ever going out of fashion! Although as I said earlier, an essential is something that perfectly fits your lifestyle and preferences, you might be a woman who is not really comfortable in a LBD or one that does not attend too many parties or just does not prefer wearing a LBD for any other reason. In that case, your essentials in place of a little black dress, would be a rather comfortable dress that you could easily pull off and style in many ways like the Sporty linen shirt dress or the breezy elephant printed midi dress seen below.


You might also be that woman who considers both LBD and a comfy dress essential. Always keep in mind to pick the ones that you either already have something to pair with or are sure you can wear it at multiple occasions by styling it in different ways, also they should be seasonless pieces that you can wear round the year! Afterall, trends come and go but

essentials stick with you forever, so now you know how to treat them 😉

I hope this article was helpful to you, please leave your feedback below, which will help me know how I can help you better!




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